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Plus Size Black & White Swimsuits & Tankinis

Women of all ages and sizes simultaneously look forward to the sunny days of summer, and groan at the prospect of donning a swimsuit. Every woman wants to look her best and feel comfortable while enjoying herself at the pool or beach.

There are tips and tricks to look adorably fashionable in our swimsuits this summer. Check out these 2016 plus size swimwear trends.

Tankinis Transform! 

Little else in swimwear is more flattering than a plus size tankini, and they are ruling the roost at beaches and pools near you. A two-piece that covers as one, these are perfect for many different body types. The plus size tankini flatters by creating a shapely silhouette. They also hang better on long waisted ladies than a binding one-piece. Finally, tankini straps offer up a heaping helping of support for us busty ladies, which holds and smooths our bosoms nicely.

Black & White is Booming!

Embrace the sophistication of black and white plus size swimwear. Black is always our friend that helps us look sleek and sexy, and, paired with white, the contrast is both stimulating and flattering. Luckily, designers are creating both plus size tankinis and one piece suits in black and white. Choose a suit with white on the top to brighten your face and accent your beautiful neck and shoulders, and black on the bottom to minimize your hips. Or, as the brand Longitude shows us with their newest swimsuit designs, opt for exciting graphic patterns for an exceptionally fashionable look.

Today’s styles are easy to implement into your plus size swimwear shopping. Flattering plus size tankinis, or the new Longitude designs in trendy black and white will showcase you for the beautiful, fashionable goddess you are.

Now jump in and have a great, fashion-fabulous summer!

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