Update to all of our customers past and present,

Hello again! We are still here and still doing our best with these challenging times. Located in Sonoma County California, we have dealt with even more than COVID-19; namely the wildfires you have no doubt seen on the news. We are safe and in no danger, and fire season should end in a couple of weeks. We are working with our manufacturing partners on solutions for 2021 and will be bringing you new items and styles. If you see something on the site you like, please don't wait! Our stock is limited and there will be delays getting new items in.
As with last time, if you have an idea, a want, or a need please reach out! Please also pass our website along to your friends. We are here and we want to be here for another 20 years. Thank you for everything so far, and we are looking forward to better times.

Website: swimsuitsjustforus.com

Email: help@swimsuitsjustforus.com

Stay Safe
All the Best,
Richard and Juliet Bowen