According to a study in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education published last summer, the American women is a size between 16 and 18. We are hoping this will help the clothing and swimsuit industry seriously consider expanding their plus sizes.

Plus size models are trending simply because they reflect a more accurate portrayal of the modern women.

With the industry size standards being voluntary, and some companies going as far as using "vanity sizes", it gets difficult to size and buy any type of clothing online.

At Swimsuits Just For us, each plus size swimsuit, has a size chart link, next to the price. Since each brand sizes may vary, once you know your sizes and compare with the chart, you will get a clear picture of what sizes to try.

Furthermore, we have more measurements in the product description to the bottom left of each swimwear which gives you the information you need to make an informed decision.

You also have the option of shopping by size in our easy to find  SHOP BY SIZE tab at the top of our page.

We want to make sure that your shopping experience is easy and fun, and that you get a swimsuit matching your shape, and size.

Look good and feel good knowing that our swimsuits are quality products, and our mission is to provide the plus size women with beautiful options to wear this summer.

The Team at Swimsuits Just For Us