Finding attractive swimsuits for older women shouldn’t have to be a huge challenge. There are many different styles that make for flattering bathing suits no matter your age.


  1. Try Tankini Separates

Garden Lily Underwire Swimsuit Top from Penbrooke

    Tankini separates can offer modest coverage while remaining a modern and flattering style, with many variations available in plus sizes. Tankini separates are easy to take on and off. Since they come in two pieces, you can conveniently replace either the top or the bottom as it wears out and there is a lot of potential to mix and match styles.


    1. Choose Long Shorts

    MADE IN USA-Women's Plus Size Long Swim Shorts - Available in 2 COLORS

    When considering what kind of bottoms to wear with your suit, longer shorts can be a great go-to option for swimsuits for women over 60. Whether as the bottom half of a tankini suit or with another style of swimsuits, long swim shorts and other swim bottoms can have a visible slimming effect on your hips and thighs. They also are comfortable, making your time at the beach or in the pool more enjoyable.


    1. Wear Your Own Bra


    Getting enough support can be vital for you to relax and keep feeling good even when spending extended time in your swimsuit. One tip to get the support you need is to wear your own bra with your swimsuit. There are many styles of plus-size swimsuits that allow you to wear a bra underneath for maximum comfort.


    1. Use Slimming Patterns

     Underwire Plus Size Tankini Swimsuit Top - Cayman Style

    While you may have heard that you should stick to solid-colored bathing suits for a slimming effect, it turns out that there are many patterns that can be incredibly flattering as well. Patterns can distract from the places that you may not want people to focus on as much while also being fun and trendy. They are a great way to keep looking your best while also accomplishing a carefree look. View all our solid and patterned swimsuits here.


    1. Consider a Swimdress

     T.H.E. Swimwear Plus Size Swimdress - Electric Blue

    A classic go-to for good-looking bathing suits for women over 50 are swimdresses. Like the other options, you can find swimdresses in plus sizes as well as in a wide range of colors and patterns. This versatile style offers a lot of coverage with an elegant appearance that can slim hips and thighs as well as the tummy.

    Love Your Swimsuit

    Whatever your years, you can find a lovely swimsuit that makes spending time at the pool or beach that much better. Loving how you look and being confident in yourself can be one of the best things you can do for your appearance, and having a swimsuit that you like can give you that confidence in and out of the water.

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