When you are a small, family-run business, you wear many different hats. Sometimes one of the hats gets lost.  The Blog hat is one of those hats for us.  We are always so focused on sales and customer service that the last thing we think of is writing on our blog about something that our customers will find interesting.  So before things get crazy around here when summer comes,  we decided  to update you on our business. 

            Going into our 16th year in business we have learned quite a few things. One that is especially important is knowing our customer.  We’ve learned the hard way we don’t sell to the 20 and under crowd.  No bikinis here.  Been there and done that. Although we did sell a few, it wasn’t going to be a long-term winner for us.  Our customer wants a swimsuit that fits well, with coverage in all the right places, and fits the needs of their life. Whether it be the three times a week aqua class or the vacation that can’t come soon enough, our customers know what they want.   

            So with that in mind, last year we brought in more swimsuits than ever before, catering to what we call “our woman”, and all we can say is WOW.  You responded with an overwhelming YES.  Our sales have grown and we are headed for another great year.  And with that, here are some tips for ordering  swimsuits from us this year:

            Want a question answered about a particular swimsuit?  Don’t call our 800 number.  They just take orders.  Call us at the warehouse.  Our number is 386-873-2928.  If you get voice mail, leave a message.  We do call you back and we’ll have the answers you need as we actual touch and feel the suits. Plus size women are here as well, so we understand what you’re talking about when you tell us you need a swimsuit that fits your waist and hips, even though the measurements are 20 inches apart.

            Want a faster response? Try our live chat! Even if we aren't online it sends us a message and we can start to interact with you. Also, Email us at help@swimsuitsjustforus.com.   You’re emailing a real person who can give you an update on your order, make any adjustments needed or tell you if more sizes are coming back in stock.   

            Don't forget to sign up for our emails.  Go to our home page http://swimsuitsjustforus.com and scroll down until you see: Get Exclusive Offers + News and enter your email address.   Yes we know you get too many emails already but most of our emails have a free shipping code to use. Who doesn’t love free shipping?  

            That’s all for now. We’ve had our blog hat on for about a half hour so time to put on another hat...


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